About Us

Presbyterian Church of the Cross welcomes all people with dignity and respect.  Our congregation consists of people who are diverse in every way imaginable – race, age, education, lifestyle, income… We celebrate this difference by affirming what we all have in common – our faith.  We are dedicated to making a difference in our place and time.  As we work to build community among a diverse people, we are a welcoming congregation, striving to recognize our sins, to forgive ourselves and others, and to create and maintain the loving bond that knits us together in one great tapestry of faith

Presbyterian Church of the Cross has a long history of service to the community and continues its dedication to serving the needs of people, particularly the young.  The strong youth soccer program and the thriving B Natural Academy of Music and the Arts for young children, and other community-related activities, speak loudly of our dedication.  For 50 years, we have provided recreation, child care, community development and improvement, venues for voter registration, City Council meetings, meet the candidates’ forums, Phillips Avenue Area development project, police-community relations, etc. In short, people have joined together here to address common problems and build a stronger, more stable, safer community.

In the past, our Children’s Center served families in the community for over 30 years, later becoming a Head Start Center.  A Congregational/Community Nurse was employed who provided health care, screenings, education, and guidance.  For a number of years, we held Farmers’ Markets on Saturdays during harvest season, not only making available fresh produce for families but an outlet at which small local farmers could sell their vegetables and fruits.

God has called us to witness to the loving Spirit of Christ to the people of this church and community.  In our missions, we want to serve the people Jesus called “the least of these.”

Where to find us

PCC Greensboro

Supporting the spiritual needs on the east side of Greensboro for over 50+ years.