This Sunday, November 7, is Stewardship Sunday. We hope you will plan to be with us in person if you can; if not, please join us on Facebook Live or YouTube at 11:00 am. In your most recent newsletter (October-November) there was a page that we would like for you to complete and return to the church. It has a section for your name(s), address, phone number(s), email address, etc. which will help us keep our directory and mailing list up-to-date. Then there is a section where you can state what you plan to donate to PCC in 2022 which is beneficial in making the budget for next year – just remember that we don’t keep a record of this figure, it is strictly your agreement with our Lord. And then there is the section that we hope you will use to let us know how you would like to participate in PCC’s missions and activities. If you can think of something else you would like to do, such as singing in the choir, teaching Sunday School, etc., please write it in at the bottom of the page.

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